The Guesthouse Cork

16mm Experimental Film Screening

Sat 11 Jan 2014

Sat 11 Jan 6pm we have an exciting programme of film.performance and food.
16mm Experimental Film Screening from Filmwerkplaats Rotterdam
Plus Video Screening: Ding Ren (our artist in residence)
Performance: The Sherman anti-trust act

Special Taiwanese food
Tang Cu (Tofu sweet n sour) San Bei (mushroom salty/spicy) Suan La Tang (vege soup) Fish soup

Filmwerkplaats Rotterdam is an artist run workspace dedicated to motion picture film as an artistic, expressive medium. It’s geared towards filmmakers, artists and art school students interested in film not purely as a storage medium for their ideas, visuals and soundtrack, but as a material that actively shapes and distorts these thoughts, images and sounds.

Video screening: Ding Ren (artist in residence)
Filmwerkplaats reel # 1
Balga – Lichun Tseng (TW) 5 min silent
Ai Mi – Clara Ravat (SP) 1 min silent
Idyll – Esther Urlus (NL) 6 min optical sound
Black Cat – Marcy Saude (USA) 2 min silent
Utrecht 2,3,4 – Daan de Bakker (NL) 7 min silent
Running Time – Helene Martin (FR) 7 min optical sound

Performance: The Sherman anti-trust act

Filmwerkplaats reel #2
Wall of Sound Flowers – Francien van Everdingen (NL) 6min optical sound
NYC – Jutu van der Made (NL) 2 min silent
Interlude – Joost van Veen (NL) 3 min optical sound
Rode Molen – Esther Urlus (NL) 6 min optical sound
Color Writing Me Out – Christelle Gualdi (FR/NL) 6 min optical sound


Sat 11 Jan 2014

Film, Performance and food

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