The Guesthouse Cork

Final installation by current artist-in-residence, Ding Ren

The Guesthouse warmly invites you on Saturday 25 January at 6pm for music, art installation and food,. With Norwegian sound artist Tore Honoré Boe, Origami Replika, The Quiet Club and a final installation by current artist-in-residence, Ding Ren.

Ding Ren is an artist and writer, born in China, who is currently based between Washington, DC and Amsterdam, NL. With a field-driven approach, her practice addresses the tension between the foreign and the familiar through such topics as geography, borders, and place.

Tore Honoré Boe: Acoustic laptops The “acoustic laptops” are wood boxes with various tiny objects attached; springs, stones, metal, rubber, string, needles, memorabilia – amplified by contact mikes (piezos). They are musical instruments with which you can explore a soundworld that usually pass unnoticed and thus connect with unfiltered reality in a pleasurable way. Boe use them for microacoustic sound exploration and performances, but he also share them via exhibitions where they stand plugged for the visitors to play, or in workshops where young and old are invited to create their own. Various acoustic laptops are on permanent and temporary display at galleries, other musicians are using them, and Boe travels continuously to present them in any way and venue possible. They have become instruments, art objects and a good comment on/contrast to the digital culture. Webpage: 4 page presentation/technical rider in PDF: On facebook: — Origami Replika: Happynoise punkformance Last year Origami Replika appeared again for the first time in 15 years. They used to be one of the most known and popular of the many-facetted Origami Republika constellations, releasing a multiude of cds, cdrs, cassettes, an LP, objects, and toured pretty extensively in Europe. Members have included Lasse Marhaug, Kai Kobi Mikalsen, Mads Staff-Jensen and others, but are now a fixed trio starring Kim Xmazz, Kjetil Hanssen and Tore H. Boe. You have never ever witnessed such a positive message in such an extremely punked up way. “We love to love U”. In 2014 Origami Replika will take on some really selected shows and go in studio to record the full-length cd “Choose Life”. Much more:


Saturday 25 January


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