The Guesthouse Cork

Antje Vowinckel

On Sat 26th at 6pm we are delighted to have Antje Vowinckel play as part of Sonic Vigil 8. she is our artist in residence in The Guesthouse until the 29th.

Antje has been selected by Gruenrekorder in Frankfurt who are specialist in field recordings

Organ and Objects

music performance for electric organ, amplified slit drum, rasp, vibrating speaker, balloon, tape, cobbler tool

The performance was developped in Olevano Romano, a little Italian village with a long tradition of landscape painting. The visual impression is still romantic and idyllic, whereas the acoustic environment has changed. I tried to keep the contemplative impression of the landscape integrating at the same time the mechanical sounds of the acoustic environment into a musical grammar.


Sat 26th at 6pm