The Guesthouse Cork

Sonic Vigil 8

Saturday the 3rd May 2014 :
Event took place in St Anne’s Church, Shandon, Cork from 2pm-8pm.

Artists and Performers :
Natalia Beylis – Tore Boe – Andrea Bonino – Danny Mc Carthy – The Quiet Club – Massimo Davi – Áine O’Dwyer – Derek Foott – John Godfrey – Claire Guerin – IRIDE PROJECT – Anthony Kelly – Fergus Kelly – Tony Langlois – Laney Mannion – Monica Miuccio – MiXile – Irene Murphy – Olesya Zdorovetska – Han-Earl Park – Robin Parmar – Karen Power – David Stalling – Queef – Nick Roth – Softday – Mick O’Shea – Antje Vowinckel – Jeff Weeter

Each performer was given a schedule of when and how long they were to play for but were not given a schedule of who they would be playing with or how many they would be playing with or for how long everyone else was playing for. This was selected by a computer programme designed by John Godfrey which selected everything by random/chance. So each artist knew only when they themselves were playing and for how long. This led to some amazing combinations and sounds.

Thanks to everyone who played and to our amazing audience. And thanks to Eoin O’Brien and Alan Carey, the cameramen.


Saturday the 3rd May 2014