The Guesthouse Cork



Irene Murphy Project curator/ Host, Performance Art, Kitchen

Irene Murphy is a visual artist living and working in Cork city she is a founder member of the Cork Artists Collective and The Guesthouse. She is a founder member of artists collaborative groups, Ideal State Agency and the YoYo Club, and is one of the trio in The Domestic Godless.

At the Guesthouse Irene is focused on the creation of new opportunities in video and collaboration. She is working also to develop links and exchange opportunities between similar organizations nationally and internationally.


Catherine Harty Project curator / Host, Visual Arts, Video / Film

Catherine Harty works in a variety of media including painting, photography and video. She holds a Masters in Contemporary Art Theory from NCAD, and Fine Arts Practice from Birmingham School of Art, University of Central England. Her area of particular interest at the Guesthouse is film, video, sound and performance. She has an interest in theory and philosophy particularly in the area of art and politics and is a committed if lazy Marxist. She has been threatening for a long time to restart the Guesthouse reading group.



Aoife Cox Board Member

Aoife Cox is a visual artist and art teacher living between Cork and Abu Dhabi, Her practice includes painting, sculpture, performance and participation projects.
Previously a founding member of the ALL collective with Joanna Hopkins and Mary Conroy. She has been involved with various art organisations including; Occupy Space, EVA International, Faber Studios, The Crawford Gallery and Blackpool Studios.

At the Guesthouse Aoife is interested in navigating the space as a site of connection, exchange and dialogue and enjoys engaging with residents and public participants during the ongoing ‘Cereal Killer’ open days.


Claire Guerin Founder/Board Member

Claire Guerin is a video artist and sound artist from Cork city. She is a founding member of The Guesthouse and collaborative groups such as ‘haiku house’, ‘Tuesday Lunch’ and ‘Sunday Lunch’. She works with sound art groups ‘Queef’ (with Laney Mannion) and with ‘The lost haiku’ (with Danny McCarthy and Katie O’Looney). She also makes short videos and experiments with live video mixing or VJing. For more info on her work as an artist visit her on wordpress.

At the Guesthouse Claire mostly focuses on performance and video art strand. But currently enjoys cooking with the experimental cafe ‘cereal killer’ with Irene Murphy and Aoife Cox. Where they curate a Guesthouse open day as an optional introduction to the artist(s) in residence or with project proposals.


Mick O Shea Project curator / Host, Sound Art, Kitchen

Mick O Shea is a multimedia artist and is a director of the Cork Artists Collective and a founder member of The Guesthouse.. His medium includes sculpture, drawing, sound and cooking. All of his works spring from his essential experience in drawing. He has been instrumental in establishing a vibrant and growing sound art scene in Cork city and formed The Quiet Club in 2006 with sound artist Danny McCarthy. With fellow artists Stephen Brandes and Irene Murphy he set up The Domestic Godless in 2003 who explore culinary activity as art through performative cooking events. He formed Gaitkrash (an experimental performance/theatre group) with Bernadette Cronin and Regina Crowley in 2007.

At the Guesthouse Mick is developing a sound strand, which aims to develop an awareness of sound as an art form by organising concerts, discussions, workshops, presentations and residencies. Also to encourage established sound artists and emerging artists to meet, work and collaborate together.

John Thompson Project curator / Host, Philosophy

John Thompson co-hosts residents as well as doing maintenance I the building. He has an undergraduate Arts degree in Philosophy and Art History from UCC. He is currently study for a Masters degree in Philosophy from UCC.

Building management